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King Norg of Glendragon
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King of Glendragon and Knight


Queen Martha


Mike the Knight and Evie

King Norg is Queen Martha's husband and Mike's and Evie's dad.

Born:April 19 1980

Journey to Dragon Mountain[]

We meet King Norg and his horse, Guinevere, when they literally fall out of the sky and into a haystack.

It transpires that the vikings have stolen a crystal jewel from the giant dragon and King Norg sets out to return it to Dragon Mountain. He initially forbids Mike and Evie from coming with him, but they ignore his ruling and follow behind him causing chaos as they do so.

In the end their father accepts their presence on the trip and they return the jewel to the dragons and we meet the giant dragon at last and it turns out that there are two dragons and they are Squirt's mum and dad.

The crystal jewel turns out to be a dragon egg which hatches at the end of the movie and thus Squirt now has a mum, a dad and a sister.

Norg, Mike and Evie are reunited with Queen Martha at the end of the movie and she is introduced to Squirt's family.