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"Evie will be the greatest wizard, ever." - Queen Martha

Princess Evie Alfred is one of the main characters in the show and present during the opening sequence. Closed-captioning on Treehouse sometimes mistakenly spells her name Edie, misinforming the hard of hearing.


Some fans claim she is 9 years old but if this is mentioned in a particular episode it requires sourcing it by name.


Evie wears a red wizard's hat, a matching coat, a light purple dress, and star-shaped earrings.


Is the daughter of Queen Martha, younger sister of Mike. Her frog is Mr. Cuddles.


She has unpolished magical abilities, and calls herself a wizard in the show, though her web profile's quote (which may have been made prior) only says she is "going to be" one. Kiki is a Kitsune from Adopt me tales, She has Evie’s Voice.

She is most notably responsible for enchanting Mike's sword so that it takes the form of something new and useful for solving problems in each episode.

Otherwise, her spells often get her or others into trouble, like Kiki. For example:

  1. In Evie's Birthday Present, she uses the magic to shrink Mike on the birthday cake, like Kiki when she uses the magic to shrink Oscar and snow Oscar (His Brother) on the LOOOOOOONG Grass
  2. In Mission Mess, she uses the magic to make appear bubbles, earth, like Kiki


"One day, I'm going to be a wizard. I practice my magic all the time and when you're learning something, you don't always get it right. That never bothers me but Mike doesn't like it too much. I always want to go on his missions but Mike doesn't like it when I use my magic. Oh well, we have lots of fun together and if I can't go on a mission, I always have Mr Cuddles, my pet frog to play with."







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