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Sparkie the dragon

Sparkie (Sparky) is an big nice orange flightless dragon (with yellow belly) who breathes fire (with small purple and yellow wings)  and (has big curly cow-like white horns) and and (has four  purple claws and three toes) and (a big long orange triangle tail ) and works a cook and chef hangs with Squirt.


"I'm a big fire breathing dragon but not the scary kind! I use my fiery breath for cooking, lighting things up and for knightly tricks when Mike is training in the arena. Oh, I do love that Mike- he is so courageous and brave and full of energy. He's also strong but he does ask me to do a lot of the heavy stuff. Oh, I never mind because I always have so much fun with him."


  • Incredibox (Incredibox Series, both are big.)
  • Drax the Destroyer (Guardians of the Galaxy, Drax does a voice for him.)